W101 Patcher


Newly released have been the Fairy Wings mount, in three different butterfly colors. You can see more in the Patcher, or at The Friendly Necromancer.


Not only fly like a Fairy, get a pet too! WinterMask will be featured in this article.






— Ahem. Uh, hi! I am Noah WinterMask, and I am a Master (lvl 48) Theurigist. I have been looking at OPI, Central Wiki, and Petnome, for all the advice on a Life Pet for me. [Note: Not life school only, but good pets for life.]
Earlier my favorite was Seraph, which has a pedigree of 55 and you can guess this card. It seemed like the best until I saw who it dropped from, STOKER. He is at the end of Kensington Park, a very hard Marleybonian Dungeon where enemies take you on 3v1. So, I gave that up and looked at 2 other reasonable choices, the Fairy (57) and Satyr. Satyr can get spritely, but low chances. On the other hand, Fairy can’t, but has other good talents. So, this is a debate between myself, and also Satyr can make hybrids! Ugh I need to decide…
“See ya Noah!” So, that’s our guest for today (we don’t have one every day).

[Note: I will start adding pictures to the posts soon.]