Now it’s in the Live Realm, I’ve figured out it’s a bit of a challenge to get to WT, on one of my secondary characters, Noah WinterMask.

So, first, you have to fight through all of Savarstaad Pass. *yawn* “booring!!”

Then Virgid Roughland *yawn*

Then Mirkholm Keep “Harder AND boring!”

Now, the king wants you to do Nidevallir- Hall of Valor and fight Jotun.

Then, do hardest and most boring and longest, *drum roll* Ravenscar!

Now get to level 50 and talk to the Headmaster. “FINALLY!!!”

Now face a Half-World and fight extremely hard bosses, especially for a level 50.

So, how does Wintertusk sound to you now? 😉

P.S. For more information on Wintertusk, please look at edukusa’s videos on YouTube. That’s me!