As some of you may have noticed, a new world called Wisteria has been released on the Test Realm! This is almost as exciting as Wintertusk! No one knew about this world, and it’s hosting the Spiral Cup! This is a inter-spiral tournament where wizards compete. This sorta resembles the Triwizard Tournament in the Harry Potter book/movie The Goblet of Fire. In wisteria you help pigs, cats, and satyrs alike get ready and overall help the city. There are two streets, Pegasus Place and Tangleroot Terrace (I think =D). So you fight some 500-health goblins on Pegasus Place to put some order and help the Pegasi. Then you get a uniform that looks a lot like the pigs’. So when I was in the Headmistress’ office, I noticed a girl. She was in blue and green clothes, with the elegant hat. I thought, hmm. So when I moved my mouse over her name, it was AMBER DEATHSONG. Some of you may not know who she is, but I’ll tell you now. She is the friendly necromancer’s daughter. So one of my friends with text chat said, “Me and my friend here are big fans! 😉 and she added us momentarily. Then we met in Live Realm to be friends there. It was the best day in Wisteria ever! Oh, also, I met 2 cheating bosses. One, in the crystal tower, forces you to attack otherwise he uses cyclops ;-). I think you have three rounds. The other one, after you’ve found that the Spiral Cup is missing, places a permanent 90% Tower Shield. What I mean by permanent is he replaces it every time you remove it. He has 750 health :-). But basically, it’s 7,500 health. And almost the entire time you’re being “pounded” by scorpions.