Well some new stuff is here! Including the Wyverns hoard which everyone is gonna waste twenty bux on. Including me. I didn’t get the mount, but an earthwalker pet and lots of cool looking gear is fine. Also, my life guy (Noah WinterMask) is lvl 58! 😀 and I got pixie queen w/ card pet from The Mighty Hoard! I also got 2 treants, but not too surprised/excited ’bout that. Oh, I SO wish I could upload pics, but only on weekends xD. Some blogs I also recommend are- The Diviner’s Lane!, TFN (The Friendly Necromancer), and the Heroic Pyromancer, which I’m not sure about the URL. 😦 but that’s it 4 today!

Oh wait! I’m thinking about crafting CL observatory, but LOOK at this list of reagents!



Credits to Gavarena Celendine on W101C for the lists and picture.