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I give up

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Draco Stealer!

On testie testie theirs a new lvl 60 dun (-again!) and at the top there’s a draconian. Draco may have sounded like a er, popular fantasy movie character. 😉 You fight through ugly cheating bosses, and then get a CHANCE at lvl 60 ring/Athame though I think the crafted ones are more worth the effort. Sorry for lack and length of post/s, but it’s hard running a blog! *makes tired-ish face*


As some of you may have noticed, a new world called Wisteria has been released on the Test Realm! This is almost as exciting as Wintertusk! No one knew about this world, and it’s hosting the Spiral Cup! This is a inter-spiral tournament where wizards compete. This sorta resembles the Triwizard Tournament in the Harry Potter book/movie The Goblet of Fire. In wisteria you help pigs, cats, and satyrs alike get ready and overall help the city. There are two streets, Pegasus Place and Tangleroot Terrace (I think =D). So you fight some 500-health goblins on Pegasus Place to put some order and help the Pegasi. Then you get a uniform that looks a lot like the pigs’. So when I was in the Headmistress’ office, I noticed a girl. She was in blue and green clothes, with the elegant hat. I thought, hmm. So when I moved my mouse over her name, it was AMBER DEATHSONG. Some of you may not know who she is, but I’ll tell you now. She is the friendly necromancer’s daughter. So one of my friends with text chat said, “Me and my friend here are big fans! 😉 and she added us momentarily. Then we met in Live Realm to be friends there. It was the best day in Wisteria ever! Oh, also, I met 2 cheating bosses. One, in the crystal tower, forces you to attack otherwise he uses cyclops ;-). I think you have three rounds. The other one, after you’ve found that the Spiral Cup is missing, places a permanent 90% Tower Shield. What I mean by permanent is he replaces it every time you remove it. He has 750 health :-). But basically, it’s 7,500 health. And almost the entire time you’re being “pounded” by scorpions.


Nothing’s happening, and KI got 20m players. I probably said that already. Just to say, I’M BORED and Noah WinterMask is level 55!


This has nothing to do with wizard101, but I think this blog has, 40 views? Yay! That deserves a standing ovation! *clap* *whistles* Yeah!
Yay, but, do you think you can get a bit more?

Right now in the Spiral nothing really is going on, well, except maybe a pet derby competition and KI getting 20,000,000 players. Other than that, nothing really- just chillin’. =D Take a look at the blog Balancing Act for more info on pet derby. Also, a little back, Friendly said, what to do with pet derby? Well, here’s his reply. 😉

Also, as you could see in the title, this post needs to have something to do with Celestia/Spiral Geographic. Well, for those of you who don’t know, there were a couple of prequests you HAD to do before Celestia. They have made this an option now, a side quest. In this tower you face two bosses, and 7 floors of gruesome street-style duels (I think). General Stormclaw is the first one. Check the wiki link since I am too lazy to write down the cheats. You’ll find the location of Spiral Geographic Warehouse, click there then go to the creature Estrakir Gloomthorn. His cheats include the nasty spell Fire Nova, so be sure to put a Global (bubble) up ASAP! Hope this was entertaining/helped in some way, Shadow, OAO (over and out).


Well, It’s been another month since my last post, and I hope I can start doing it more regularly. I think I can start doing it every night. So in the spiral, a lot of stuff has been happening, so check other blogs, since it would be hard to fit it all in one post.
Also, I’m not sure if NightStrider will be doing any more posting, so if there is no name above the post, expect that it’s Shadow, me.
P.S. My other wizards may be making some guest appearances! (WinterMask and FrostGem)!
See you in the Spiral!



Sorry about not having daily posts. We’ll try to post them more often……



Recently I have been waiting for Wintertusk to come out on the Live Realm, as I haven’t done Ravenscar on the Test Realm, where there is already Wintertusk. I haven’t been doing quests, so I can level up from 59 to 60 when Wintertusk comes out. Shadow and I have been REALLY bored, so we’ve goofed off, but every now and then we find something fun to do. So, on the Test Realm there is also the return of Crab Alley. It follows a different storyline, but is still fun. It’s much better-looking than the otherWizardCityareas. Crab Alley is a good street, but the enemies might be too hard for a level 12 Wizard- comparing these to the ones that are onColossus Boulevard. Also, on the Test Realm you finally can apply Damage Enchantments to Drain spells. I’ve been looking forward to this since Dragonspyre, “Oh, I’m certainly going to beSchoolofSun,” until Shadow reminded me that enchantments can’t be applied to Drain spells, most of Death’s attacks. Now, finally, I can be Sun, but the damage added to the drain spells is only two-thirds of what it says on the enchantment card, so the other schools don’t get angry and say, “What?! Death gets to heal more because of the Sun School?! No fair!” So KI just made it 2/3 of the damage.


Now, I’m also happy about the updates they’ve made on the Test Realm too (hopefully KI will move it to the Live Realm soon) – and KI has improved my Level 42 spell, Colossus. Instead of the totally WEAK Colossus that did 460-540, now it is improved to do 15 damage less than Phoenix J so it does 500-580, almost as much as Kraken. Yay! Also on the Test Realm there is a new housing feature called Roaming Mounts! You can place your mount (not equipped) like any other housing item and it will roam your house! There’s also a new layout of the Crowns Shop, with more tabs. There are new spells as well, so if you’ve completed the Ravenscar quest “Blackbird in a Cage” {EDIT: now the Mirkholm Keep quest “One in the Snout”} and you’re Level 35, you can defeat a moderately easy boss for a new spell. The only two ones I’m positive about are Ice’s (Legion Shield- 1 pip- ward- 100% acc.-and -30%TowerShield to all friends.) and Death’s (Dark Pact- 1 pip- charm- 100% acc- and Take 500 {EDIT: now 300 damage} death damage to give Target Dragonblade (30% Balanceblade)). There are also new pets- with new spells.

  • Balance- Judgment Gives one card at Baby- Mighty Judgment- 85% acc.- 6 pips- 440 damage and dispel 2 random schools
  • Life- Forest Lord Gives one card at Baby- Enraged Forest Lord- 60% acc.- 8 pips-720 -800 damage to all enemies{EDIT: now puts life trap (+25% to next life damage) to all enemies if they haven’t died}
  • Death- Scarecrow Gives one card at Baby-ominous scarecrow-85% acc.- 8 pips- 480 health drain swap half to health to all enemies
  • Myth- Humongofrog Gives one card at Baby–Noble Humongofrog- 80% acc.- 6 pips- 75+525 damage over 3 rounds to all enemies
  • Storm- Kraken Gives one card at Baby- Enraged Kraked-40% acc. – 4 pips- 645-735 and +25% to next storm spell
  • Fire- Phoenix Gives one card at Baby- Grand Pheonix-6 pips-75% acc.- 540-620 damage and -45% accuracy debuff
  • Ice- Ice Wyvern Gives one card at Baby- Ancient Wyvern- 80% acc. – 6 pips- 80+ 600 damage over 3 rounds.

—-Shadow, Signing off.

Come on KI!

Don’t you just wish KingsIsle would let us have the new spells and world? I wonder why they’re waiting- maybe they’re fixing bugs! Or letting people find bugs so they can fix them! Or letting people do Grizzleheim on Live so they’ll have access to Wintertusk.

Hmmm… Maybe they’re working on the world after Wintertusk, but I don’t believe that it will be the rumored Candy Land. The only reason you might go there, is to help Lydia Greyrose, and that might be like the trip to Grizzleheim- from Baldur Goldpaws- but for ice wizards only.

Anyways, let’s just hope the release of Wintertusk is soon (and good)!!!
Shadow, signing out.

P.S. I know that NightStrider and I are talking about Wintertusk a lot, but we’re really excited about it and want it to come out soon. Once it comes out, then we won’t talk about it too much.
Shadow, really signing out.