Right now in the Spiral nothing really is going on, well, except maybe a pet derby competition and KI getting 20,000,000 players. Other than that, nothing really- just chillin’. =D Take a look at the blog Balancing Act for more info on pet derby. Also, a little back, Friendly said, what to do with pet derby? Well, here’s his reply. 😉

Also, as you could see in the title, this post needs to have something to do with Celestia/Spiral Geographic. Well, for those of you who don’t know, there were a couple of prequests you HAD to do before Celestia. They have made this an option now, a side quest. In this tower you face two bosses, and 7 floors of gruesome street-style duels (I think). General Stormclaw is the first one. Check the wiki link since I am too lazy to write down the cheats. You’ll find the location of Spiral Geographic Warehouse, click there then go to the creature Estrakir Gloomthorn. His cheats include the nasty spell Fire Nova, so be sure to put a Global (bubble) up ASAP! Hope this was entertaining/helped in some way, Shadow, OAO (over and out).