“…” said Blah BlahBlah. “…” replied Miss MissyMiss. “…” added Sir MisterMister.
This is what I feel like without text chat. Enter the Commons, and the sides of your screen are swarmed with “…”, and it quite annoys me. This is an issue with text chat. People just WON’T stop texting/chatting! PvP 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4, “…” “…” “…” “…” “…” “…” “…” UGH! So, um, I don’t really have anything against text chat, just, well, I’ll say “…” I hope that works for you text-chatters.
BUT, as Friendly once stated, it’s hard to communicate without it. (Well, I at least THINK in one post he said so.) This post didn’t have much purpose, just expressing my opinion. Now, let’s get to the party!!!

I hope, one day, that bloggers like me, who long to get out there like KBB and Friendly (gosh I mention him a lot) can do something. Even as good as Ditto. (who I can’t remember the web address to so can’t make a link). Someday, I want to organize a party like the Ravenwood Ball and Birthday Bash. I got the date wrong so couldn’t come (argh!!!!!)
I think I would call it…
The semi-annual ( ;-D ) Shadow (+NightStrider if he ever returns to the Spiral)’s Pet Party!!
*Or something like that*
Everyone would bring their favorite pets, show off their pet section of their house, and race in the pet derby!
*Optional; show off clothes =D*

Shadow, signing off.

P.S. In my party dream, no one would be allowed to use text chat. Also, you comment on the thread (or this one 😉 and sign up to get to MY (or Noah WinterMask)’s house, via portbuses Evan Shadow/Noah WinterMask, + Ian NightStrider/Chase WildShard and/or Cody DeathBringer if they agree.

P.P.S. These rules do not come into affect until (if) there is a Pet Party.