So, welcome to my blog, I’m Ian NightStrider. My friend Shadow and I are going to be making daily posts, and they will be mainly about Wizard101. I might get off topic some of the time, but mostly, I will talk about Wizard 101. I am a level 60 Necromancer, and I hope my co- writer has something good to say. “Shadow! Get over here and start typing!”


“EEK!” Oh, so yeah, I’m NightStrider’s co-writer, Evan Shadow. Wizard101 is what we’ll be talking about here, but NightStrider has probably already told you that. I’m also Level 60, but I am a Thaumaturge. What I like to do in Wizard101 when I’m goofing off is, well, uh, goof off! So I like PvP, Gardening, and Crafting (just so I can get the badges, and craft houses, etc.). So, well, Shadow, Over & Out.